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Aldo and Erika’s dream began when they were dating. Every night they would love to go out and have dinner at different restaurants in their hometown, Guadalajara. They started paying close attention to every flavor, color, and texture of every taco, torta, tostada, and gordita… Let’s not forget Doña Gloria’s famous Pozole that made their dates unforgettable. All those nights are what inspired their passion for Mexican cuisine.

After immigrating to the United States and missing the authentic taste of traditional tapatían food, they made the decision to bring all those flavors and recipes from their past to Colorado. Now they have opened their own taqueria with their unique flavor without forgetting the classic taste from Guadalajara.


"The Galvan - Saucedo family
is dedicated to keep the legacy alive and to serve
the best real mexican food"

erika (kika) OWNER


Authentic Guadalajara taco experience, our featured nixtamal corn tortillas, top grade meats and the fresh ingredientes, used to make our guacamole and salsa from daily scratch.


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  • December Special* - Birria Ramen $12.00

    32oz Cup (Ramen, birria, cilantro, onions, lime and serrano chili).

  • Torta ahogada $14.00
  • Torta Azada $10.00
  • Torta de Birria $10.00
  • Torta de Carnitas $10.00
  • Torta de Tripa $12.00
  • Torta de Lengua $12.00
  • Torta de Birria $10.00
  • Torta ahogada de Birria $10.00
  • Quesabirria (3 Tacos, Birria con queso) $14.00
  • Taco de birria - Plate (3) $12.00
  • Consommé de Birria $5.00
  • Taco de Lengua $3.50
  • Taco de Pastor $3.00
  • Taco de Birria $3.50
  • Tacos dorados (3) $6.00
  • Taco de papa $2.00
  • Quesadilla de Azada $10.00
  • Quesadilla de Pastor $10.00
  • Quesadilla de Birria $10.00
  • Pozole $15.00
  • Menudo (32 Oz) $15.00
  • Soda $3.00
  • Burrito de Azada $10.00
  • Burrito de Pastor $10.00
  • Burrito de Birria $10.00
  • Burrito de Carnitas $10.00
  • Burrito de Tripa $12.00
  • Veggie Burrito $7.00
  • Burrito de Lengua $12.00
  • Burrito de frijoles y queso $6.00
  • Taco de Tripa $3.50
  • Taco de Azada $3.00
  • Taco de Cabeza $3.00
  • Quesabirria taco $4.50
  • Taco de carnitas $3.00
  • Taco de birria $4.00
  • 3 tacos dorados de papa $6.00
  • Quesadilla de Carnitas $10.00
  • Cheese Quesadilla $6.00
  • Quesadilla de Tripa $12.00
  • Quesadilla de Lengua $12.00
  • Carne en su jugo $14.00
  • Agua fresca $4.00
  • Bottle Water $1.50
  • Can Soda $2.00

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what people say

Isaac Correa
Isaac Correa
Junio 9, 2022.
Amazing food, amazing service, couldn’t ask for anything more from a food truck like this one i highly recommend stopping by whenever you get the chance!
Jose Luis Ramos
Jose Luis Ramos
Junio 1, 2022.
Great place, loved the quesabirrias. Excellent and friendly service!
Mayo 27, 2022.
amazing service and the food is very delicious as well, the best quesabirria in fort collins! definitely recommend if you’re looking for real authentic mexican food
Karina Rodriguez
Karina Rodriguez
Mayo 27, 2022.
There food is so delicious I love the Quesabirria tacos , tacos de Lengua are my favorite and there hortacha so so good❤️ Plus they are so friendly
Fede Ulbrich
Fede Ulbrich
Mayo 3, 2022.
Real Mexican food experience. One of the best food trucks on Fort Collins !

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